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  • Online store: sell directly from your website

  • Invoices and Quotes: email to your clients instantly 

  • Shipping restrictions: Locations (you can set it to local customers, anywhere within 5km or international or worldwide and set costs for each region), Set Delivery costs, or customers can pick up at the location of your choice. 

  • Direct billing straight to client: If you are selling a service or product, one click and the bill is sent to the client with a link for them to pay online  

  • Accounting info for taxes. Easy to download the info right from your Admin Panel. 

  • Recurring payments for clients, monthly subscriptions. You can set it to every month, 4 months, or every year. Completely up to you. 

  • Loyalty reward programs (the more clients spend the more they get in rewards (This can be customized for x amount of points gets you x amount of dollars or Percentage off)

  • Gift Cards (Customize the amount and people can buy them digitally from your website

  • Customizable billing (Add reminders for customers to pay their bills) 

  • Customer Notification Emails. When a product or service is ready customers will be notified for pick up or shipping confirmation (We can integrate this with any shipping company)

  • Creating inventory on the website for ALL your products, Sell directly online. 

  • Sell your services directly from your website.

  • Employee Access: You and employees CAN have access to any or all features on the site, this includes: New Orders, Customer direct messages on the site, Post Events, Blogs, Fulfill Orders, Ship orders, 

  • Statistics: Traffic daily, monthly, real time. Sales overviews, Marketing, 

  • Email Marketing subscribers: Get people to sign up for your monthly newsletter, Tell them about upcoming discounts or special events. 

  • Bookings online: Clients/customers can book online to get their repairs or construction, via the website. This will manage your shop schedule. Reminders to clients/customers. 

  • Mobile App: allow any of your employees or yourself to easily access all the functions above via Iphone or Android App

  • Staff hours and Calendars: Add staff hours and calendar events. sync to your google calendars. 

  • Invoice distribution and collection of money via the website. Pay By LINK (Offer your clients links to pay directly from their phone (you can set up the link with any info you want for direct payment)

  • Drone Video and Photos

  • High End Photos


Virtual Website:

  • All above

  • 360 degree photos of your shop. (Using a 360 Camera)

  • Walkthrough of your shops or projects

  • Video, Audio and Photos of your events on the site

  • Banners 

  • YouTube Videos

  • Add sponsors videos, photos, and banners

  • Sponsored Links

  • Social Media Links


Inventory Management System:

  • System Managing all orders

  • we will add all items to your online store

  • create templates to better manage your inventory 

  • Create seamless in and out inventory control 

  • QR/BARcode creation and label making

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