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Online Orders

Direct Food Ordering: Implement a feature allowing customers to order food directly from your site. Set up Pickup, and delivery options as well. 


Event Booking & Payments: Enable customers to book events and make payments online, supporting all major payment platforms.

Decorated Event Table
Food Delivery

Delivery & Pickup

Delivery & Pickup Options: Introduce options for food delivery or pickup directly through your website.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Add a subscription function to gather a database for email marketing, keeping your patrons informed about upcoming events and promotions.

Restaurant Signboard
Screenshot 12-02-2023 07.21.50.png

Virtual Tour

    Virtual Tour: Incorporate a 360° Google tour to showcase the interior of your pub, offering a virtual visit experience.


Menu Optimization 

Menu Optimization: Revise your online menu to ensure it reflects available items that customers can order directly from the website or while dining in.

Hot Cakes and Burger
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