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We can pick from below that will help you to better your online business.

Website Design: Crafting custom, responsive websites tailored to meet the specific needs of each business.

Online Sales: Enabling businesses to sell products or services online, including e-commerce functionality.

Online Bookings and Schedules: Allowing customers to book appointments or services directly through the website.

Direct to Staff Messages, Bookings, and Schedules: Streamlining communication between customers and staff for bookings and scheduling.

Blog Posts: Creating and managing blog content to engage visitors and improve SEO.

Sell Event Tickets and Manage Guests: Tools for ticket sales and guest management for events.

Table Reservations: Enabling restaurants to accept table reservations online.

Order from Your Menu Online: Allowing customers to place orders directly from an online menu.

Sell Online Courses or Training: Platform for selling and managing access to online educational content.

Videos and Photos: Producing and integrating high-quality visual content to enhance user experience.

SEO: Optimizing website content for search engines to improve visibility.

360 Degree Virtual Tours & Google Street Tour: Offering immersive virtual tour experiences, including integration with Google Street View.

Forums: Setting up online forums to foster community engagement.

Online Chat with Your Customers: Implementing chat solutions for real-time customer service.

Corporate Emails: Professional email services for businesses.

Product Photos: High-quality photography services for products.

Inventory Management: Tools to manage stock levels and track inventory.

Direct Invoices & Payments: Solutions for invoicing and accepting payments via major credit cards, e-transfers, or debit cards.

Point of Sale Systems: Offering POS systems for retail and hospitality sectors.

Create Quotes for Clients Directly: Tools to generate and manage quotes for services or products.

Subscription Plans: Enabling businesses to offer subscription-based access to products or services.

Create Your Own Social Media Groups: Support in setting up and managing branded social media groups for community building.

Level 2 Website (online stores)

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